It is fair to say that construction has not changed much over the years. We rely on tightening wooden pieces together with nuts and bolts or assembling heavy bricks and blocks. It takes a lot of time. Speed and quality depend on skilled labor, which is limited. As a result, we cannot meet the growing demand for new housing across the world.


But Apis Cor is a response to that.

We apply additive manufacturing to build houses robotically. Apis Cor's unique robotics arm distributes a concrete mortar, creating the desired shape of a building and taking the hard work from us.


Now, with 3D printing technology, we can build houses in a way that was not affordable or even possible with traditional construction.

Industry-changing Collaborative project with Dubai Municipality

Collaborative development of an affordable 3D printed home in Santa Barbara County, California.

The first 3D printed house built by Apis Cor in the USA


Structural comparison of Apis Cor's 3D printed walls and standard CMU walls.

Concept of 3D printing the horizontal structures on-site


Autonomous 3D printing for space exploration and construction.