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Are you interested in emerging construction technologies and want to learn more about construction 3D printing? Or do you consider Apis Cor 3D printers and want to feel incredibly confident in the product and your ability to integrate this into your business?


Our 3D Printed Home workshop is for you!  

In the "Construction 3D Printing From Theory to Practice" workshop, you will know everything there is to know about the 3D printing technology in general, how our technology stands out, what our experiences have shown us in the industry. 


Our team is going to have a blast teaching you how to be part of the movement into sustainable and responsible construction. Se the learning modules below. 

You're going to LOVE THIS!!!


It doesn't get much better than this. Please take a look at the learning modules:



  • Technology basics

  • Economic viability of Apis Cor 3D printing equipment

  • 3D printing material science

  • The world's biggest 3D printed building in Dubai: what we learned

  • Detailed overview of mixing & pump unit and why it's essential!

  • What our experiences have shown us in the industry


  • Next stages of technology development

  • Technology applications: printing the formworks, small architectural forms, unique shapes, data centers and warehouses

  • Future of 3D printing materials



  • How do architects and engineers interface with 3D printing?

  • How to design 3D-friendly house

  • Overview of the overall process from architect concept to running a printer

  • Plumbing, wiring, roofing, and foundation for 3D printed homes

  • How 3D printed homes are reinforced.

  • How 3D printing technology can meet existing building codes.


  • Gain experience with the Apis Cor 3D printer under the guidance of our team: setting up the Apis Cor 3D printer on the foundation, positioning, calibration, and running the 3D printing process!

  • Visit our 3D printed house! 


 - homebuilders and construction companies who consider Apis Cor printers for purchase

- anyone who is interested in emerging construction technologies wants to learn more about construction 3D printing or want to start a new venture to 3D print houses 

Please fill out the form below and our team will contact you shortly to give you more information and help reserve your spot!

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