Apis Cor's Spec Homes are Coming Soon!

Modern 3D Printed Homes Made for You

We are pleased to announce that Apis Cor is now accepting reservations for 3D printed homes in our home state of Florida and throughout  mainland USA!  Choose from one of Apis Cor's spec designs or custom design your own home.  With Apis Cor technology, any design is possible. There are no limitations on the square footage, curved or shaped walls, even two story buildings can be printed with ease.

Does this sound like a dream? It is now a reality.  Join the waitlist if you want an Apis Cor 3D printed home!

921405_hi-res-c_ApisCor - Weems Street_Exterior Dusk.jpg

Space Coast Sensation 

This model home is inspired by Apis Cor's headquarters location on our planet's premiere gateway to
space! - Florida's Space Coast.
Honoring the foundation of Aerospace, Technology, and Defense industries here, it is only fitting
that the innovation of 3D printed homes complimented them harmoniously.

The Design Features: 

- 1 story

- 1,700 sq. ft. house

- 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom 

- backyard terrace

- durable and unique 3D printed outdoor furniture

921405_hi-res-c_ApisCor - Weems Street_Bathroom.jpg

Spirit and Liberty: inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

"Spirit" and "Liberty" are two of our spec homes, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright - one of the most outstanding architects in history. The homes were designed to create a fusion of Frank Lloyd Wright's style and modern construction.

Home A_print.jpg


- 2 story

- 2,300+ sq. ft. house

- 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom

- Garage  space for two cars

- Rooftop observation deck

Home Designer: Kristina Kitsopoulos

Architect: Malak Bellajdel


- 1 story

- 1,800 sq. ft.  house

- 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom

- Garage space 

Home C_print.jpg



​Please complete the form below and a member of our team will reach out to walk you through the reservation process and all the details. A $200 refundable fee is required to join the waitlist.


estimated start for the first in waitlist


Apis Cor's homes are available for reservations to be printed in the 48 contiguous states

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