Applying our experience and knowledge to explore the construction outside the planet.

We aim to be the first to begin construction on Mars and moon. In order for future people could live on another planet, it is necessary to do a great job, perhaps for decades. But we are sure that the technology we are improving today will help the Earthmen to colonize other planets in the future and become a multi-planet race. Thanks to the work of NASA, this moment is getting closer every day.

Collaborating with SEArch+,  Apis Cor won in several levels of the "3D-Printed Habitat Challenge", organized by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The main goal of the NASA competition is the promotion of additive technologies that are necessary to create an inhabited environment on Mars.

The goal of the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge is to foster the development of new technologies necessary to additively manufacture a habitat using local indigenous materials with, or without, recyclable materials. The vision is that autonomous machines will someday be deployed to the Moon, Mars or beyond to construct shelters for human habitation. On Earth, these same capabilities could be used to produce affordable housing wherever it is needed or where access to conventional building materials and skills are limited.


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Gerdau is one of the largest suppliers of long steel in the Americas and of special steel in the world. It is the largest recycler in Latin America, and around the world it transforms, each year, millions of metric tons of scrap into steel, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development in the regions where it operates. The Company is listed on the stock exchanges of São Paulo, New York and Madrid. 


O3 Company – is group of companies offering simple and complex solutions in the field of fire protection, corrosion protection and insulation of building in the oil and gas industry, energetics and infrastructure. O3 Company develops, produces and sells the systems of protection materials as well as designing, industrial service and technical support during construction process. 

The Autodesk Technology Center in Boston is a research and development workspace focused on innovation in architecture, engineering, and construction.

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